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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between coaching and counselling?

If you are wondering whether you would benefit most from coaching or counselling, I have outlined some of the main differences here. Both have distinct purposes and processes, however, there is a big overlap between the two. Both may be offered by the same therapist if they are qualified.

Counselling will focus attention on moving you to a position of stability and healing, and bringing relief from emotional and psychological pain. The main focus may be on the past and events that have happened to you, in order to gain insight into how this has affected your present state.

Coaching will focus attention on moving you from stability and healing to a position of growth. The focus will be on the future, in order to gain insight into your vision, goals and the pursuit of your passion.

What is happening to me?

It can sometimes be difficult to understand and explain to others what is happening to us, and what we need help for. Here are some simple explanations of mental health issues we may suffer from:

The experience of anxiety can be hard to find the words for. We all experience anxiety to some degree, but in various ways. We may feel helpless with apprehension, filled with dread, sick with guilt or shame, frantic with shaking, and confused so much that we can’t think about the simplest things.

Stress is an inevitable part of the human condition, which has some redeeming qualities. It can, for example, act as a motivator that helps us to prepare for exams, or important meetings. It can help us to stay focused on issues that demand our immediate attention. However, while stress is normal, or even beneficial in many aspects, persistent high levels of stress can lead to both physical and emotional problems. Chronic, persistent stress and tension can interfere with our emotional wellbeing, leading to worry, irritability and even depression. It can become a problem when we fail to recognise and ignore warning signs.

Many people suffer from depression at some point in their lives. It brings deep feelings of hopelessness, sorrow, or being alone. For some individuals this will be hard to overcome, and may develop into a psychological disorder that needs treatment.

Self Esteem
Self esteem is the judgment we have about ourselves as a human being. Two main areas we evaluate ourselves on are our how loveable we are, and how capable we are. Depending on this we may see ourselves as unlovable, unattractive, unworthy, disgusting, inadequate, shameful, incompetent, weak, inferior or guilty.

Co-dependency is a pattern of relying on other people to define us and our worth. The co-dependent person may feel strong empathy for another, but dismiss, deny or be unaware of their own feelings and needs.

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